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QE0016 (5.0m)
QE0016 (5.0m)
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QE0016 (5.0m)

QE0016 (5.0m)
QE0016 (5.0m)
QE0016 (5.0m)
QE0016 (5.0m)

QED SUPREMUS ZR Speaker cable

  • Supremus Zr is our next-generation flagship loudspeaker cable. Developed without compromise, Supremus Zr is the result of more than five decades of technological evolution and refinement.

  • Featuring leading-edge QED audio innovations, the new Zr model now boasts high-quality zirconia plugs and barrels. Used in watches and fountain pens and in automotive and aerospace industries, this advanced ceramic material is prized for its durability and high resistance to wear, temperature and eddy currents. Its lustrous surface also adds a luxury finish to the cable.

  • In conjunction with QED’s Aircore™ and Airloc™ technologies and a host of other cutting-edge designs, Supremus Zr represents the most effective way of preserving the integrity and fidelity of the analogue music signal from beginning to end that QED has ever achieved.

    • - Zirconia Airloc™ design: NEW hard-wearing zirconia barrels and boots offer durability and resistance to performance-affecting eddy currents, in one lustrous-looking material
    • - Cold weld system: unifies the conductors and plug components for a lifetime of perfect functionality
    • - Rhodium-plated locking design: ensures optimal contact between a speaker binding post and the cable plug for a maintenance-free connection
    • - Aircore technology: delivers an even, consistent performance across the entire audible frequency range
    • - 6.2 mm² ultra-low resistance conductors: effectively allows your amplifier to exert complete control over your speakers
    • - Cryogenic treatment: ensures a perfect cable microstructure for more natural tonality

      • Specifications:

        • - Cross-sectional area: 6.20 mm²
        • - Wire gauge: 10 AWG
        • - Outside diameter: 17 mm
        • - Loop resistance: 0.005 Ω/m
        • - Parallel capacitance: 48 pF/m
        • - Loop inductance: 0.49 μH/m
        • - Dissipation factor: 0.009
        • - Technology: QED Aircore™; cryogenically treated; QED Airloc™
        • - Conductors: 32 solid core, silver-plated, 99.999% oxygen-free, polyester coated copper
        • - Dielectric: Foamed polyethylene, LDPE, and air
        • - Plugs: Rhodium-plated, locking Airloc plugs with zirconia barrels

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